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Here at AHN we are passionate about creating healthier communities by developing innovative services and programs designed to help individuals and organizations manage their healthcare needs effectively, efficiently and affordably. Since our inception in 2007, we have accomplished the following:

low income uninsured and underinsured Nevadans gain access to the healthcare services they need at a price they can afford through our Medical Discount Program
low income uninsured and underinsured women gain access to breast and cervical screening services through the Women’s Health Connection Program
colon cancer screenings facilitated for low income uninsured Nevadans
non-emergent medically related rides to individuals in our community
0% lower
hospital re-admission rate of our hospital partners through our Hospital Discharge Care Management Program
treatment plan compliance rate for our primary care partners through our Chronic Disease Care Management Program
elderly and disabled Nevadans received health and socioeconomic related case management services
0% lower
NICU readmission rate for our provider partners through our OB Care Management Program

Our current programs and services include the following:

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