Learn from members, providers, and community supporters about what Access to Healthcare means to them.

“I was referred to AHN as a first point of contact to assist me with mental health. I did not have insurance that would reduce the cost of mental health, my HIV medications, and co-pays.  AHN helped me on my journey to learn how to love myself. I was greeted with care and compassion that I have never experienced before in my life. When I told them my story the wonderful people at AHN wiped my tears away and we shared a box of Kleenex together. I was a closed person, used to not sharing my trauma and feelings, but I found out that AHN and northern Nevada came together and showed me compassion that I had never felt before. Their programs were on the cusp of leading the country on how to help people like me that are traumatized. I could not have made it without their love and their assistance. AHN of Reno, NV saved my life, and if they can help me they can do it for others as well.”

Ronnie H.

“It makes my heart happy that the people who work for Women’s Health Connection are kind and they care for their patients. They always made me feel comfortable and cared for. Their attention was exceptional from the time of my screenings through my diagnosis. I’m very grateful and they have a place in my heart. I would have not known where to find resources if it wasn’t for them. The providers affiliated with WHC, have also been very nice. Breast Specialist Dr. Potruch was very kind to offer his assistance when I needed treatment follow-up. My provider, Tracy, at Nevada Health Centers is always on top of my care.”

Josefina C.

“The doctor’s office I work for has been treating AHN patients under the Women’s Health Connection program for a few years. Working with the AHN staff has been amazing. They truly care about each and every one of their patients. One day, I needed their assistance and they came to my rescue…Literally! AHN has a breast care program where woman can get mammograms free of charge. Unfortunately, I had an issue and the ladies sprung into action, changed into their Wonder Women costumes and saved the day! AHN scheduled my appointments, helped me with forms and treated me like I was apart of their family. You can’t help but feel special when you get a phone call asking ‘how you’re feeling today?’ I love the fact that these ladies are so dedicated to helping people. They are sincere, kind and empathetic to everyone’s situation. ”


AHN Members

“I am thrilled with Access to Healthcare. From signing me up to doing all of the work to arrange my surgery, they have been helpful, understanding and caring. My surgery was necessary to continue my career as a dressage trainer, and it would not have been possible without Access to Healthcare.”

Rachel B.

“AHN has helped me learn that there are people who care and who take the time to help others, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. They’ve helped me through this problem that occurred to me this year. Thank you so much for all your help and attention AHN!”

Nelly Q.

“Immediately following my enrollment into AHN I had an accident and needed surgery on my knee to be able to continue my active lifestyle. The program and staff at AHN are awesome and the doctors and facilities that participate in the program are some of the best in the area. I was amazed at the reasonable costs for my surgery and doctor visits. AHN has truly bridged the gap for me in my healthcare during this limited financial time.”

Darren G.

“Thank you AHN. You not only made my pregnancy a pleasant one, you also helped me out with my 15 year old son who has a heart problem. I am very grateful for this program and the staff that make all this happen.”

Gabina M.

“The whole package of Access to Healthcare has given my wife and I a new hope – the AHN staff, the providers, everyone at AHN treats us with respect and care. This has been a truly positive experience.”

Lewis H.

AHN Community Supporters

“The Nell J. Redfield Foundation believes that AHN is providing the working poor in northern Nevada with a reasonable and creative program which allows them to manage their healthcare needs with dignity.”

Gerald Smith The Nell J. Redfield Foundation and Partner at Fitzgerald Abbott and Beardsley LLP

“AHN is a truly novel, collaborative effort between all the stakeholders in the healthcare arena. In the short time AHN has served Nevada, it has risen as a national model for others, presenting real solutions to immediate problems for thousands of people. AHN’s promise to the nation is – there is hope and we can show you the way.”

Peggy Tighe, Esq., Partner at Strategic Health Care

“Having health insurance is a critical determinant of whether or not individuals receive the healthcare they need,” said Mike Murphy, president, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada. “People without insurance are sicker and more apt to die prematurely than those who are insured. In the US, approximately one-third of the uninsured are eligible – but not enrolled in government insurance programs. The good news is that the opportunity to be insured is within their reach. Access to Healthcare Network is working to help uninsured Nevadans enroll in government and private health insurance plans for which they are eligible – a major step toward improving overall community health.”

Mike Murphy, President, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Nevada

“Charles Schwab Bank is honored to participate in the development and implementation of Access to Healthcare Network, Health Savings Program. Twenty five percent of people filing for bankruptcy cite illness and injury as the main reason. Too many people are piling up medical debt on high-interest credit cards and risk financial security because they have had the misfortune of getting sick. This program fits perfectly into the AHN shared responsibility model. The program is designed to help people help themselves and to prepare for future medical expenses through financial education and savings. Successful participants of the program can earn matching dollars on their savings accounts, maximizing their already substantially reduced rates on medical services provided through the AHN network.”

Nancy Brown, Senior Manager of Community Development at Charles Schwab Bank

AHN Providers

“By bringing the stakeholders together and requiring something from everyone, including the patient, Access to Healthcare Network has improved the access to care for the uninsured in our community. Renown Health is pleased to participate in a shared responsibility healthcare network that makes such a positive difference in the lives of people in our community.”

Jim Miller, President and CEO, Renown Health

“Access to Healthcare Network is a vital part of our community’s healthcare system, making healthcare easier to navigate for uninsured patients. We greatly value the services they provide members and our long term partnership.”

Michael Uboldi, President and CEO, Saint Mary’s Health Network

“I’ve been most impressed by how AHN helps people return to a normal life. Many of my patients basically are non-functional because of a problem they can’t afford to have fixed. They can get that problem solved through AHN and go on to live a full life.”

Mario Porras, M.D., Orthopedic Surgery

“The community has always been my number one priority. By the time someone is referred to me, they really need help. Access to Healthcare Network provides that avenue for them.”

Peter C. Lim, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., Gynecologic Oncology

“For patients who can’t afford health insurance, AHN is a way for them to invest in their own health. They take an active role in their healthcare, and they can afford the diagnostics that might normally be too expensive.”

Ryan Zeller, D.O., Family Practice

“I’ve been in dentistry for 21 years, and being part of Access to Healthcare Network is a great way to give back to the community. It’s a very important program.”

Jeffrey Meckfessel, D.D.S., Reno Family Dental

“Every person deserves to have good healthcare. Access To Healthcare Network is a great program to help uninsured patients and I am proud to be part of it.”

Tom Nguyen, M.D., F.A.C.S., Vascular, Endovascular and General Surgery

“AHN provides our community members healthcare access previously not available to them. We are better able to fulfill our mission of ‘making a difference in people’s lives through excellent patient care’ because of our partnership with AHN.”

Walter Beck, CEO at Banner Churchill Community Hospital

“I find that this amazing program has made such a big difference for so many of our patients, but especially for our Senior’s.  This program has allowed them the means to afford their dental care on a fixed income.  AHN has been an absolute pleasure to work with over the years and we look forward to many more!”

Dr. Kulesa D.D.S

AHN Employers

“AHN provides us with an affordable healthcare solution that is simple and easy for us to administer. And with a very diverse workforce of 400+ that’s saying a lot.”

Tom McKennie, owner of 15 McDonalds restaurants, Reno, NV

“As a non-profit agency serving the needs of children and families, we have lacked the necessary funds to offer health benefits to our staff. Over the years, I have unsuccessfully searched for affordable insurance with appropriate coverage. I was skeptical that Access to Healthcare Network could deliver the service they offered. Amazingly, AHN proved the old adage, ‘If it is too good to be true…it isn’t true’ wrong. AHN has provided excellent service to my staff. They provide the peace of mind that affordable medical care is available. I am sincerely grateful to AHN and the medical community of northern Nevada for providing this service to the uninsured in our community.”

Marianna Ashley, Director or Community First–Church of God, Kids Club Learning Center

“AHN is a huge benefit for our employees because it gives them a chance to seek the medical care and attention they need even though they cannot afford to be part of a traditional health plan. This makes for a healthier employee which benefits not only the employee but the company as well.”

Lindsay–Meyers, Director of Human Resources Club–Cal–Neva

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