AHN was recently awarded a generous $2,500 grant to the Church of Latter Day Saints Bishop’s Storehouse in Reno, Nevada.  Created to help those in need, The Bishop’s Storehouse offers fresh fruits, vegetables, canned goods, meats, dairy, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other commodities. All of the goods in the bishops’ storehouse are paid for using Church members’ tithes, fast offerings, and other generous donations. In addition to monetary contributions, Church members volunteer their time to produce and process the food.

“While [bishops’] storehouses provide many of the same services as any retail food store, not one has a cash register. These are goods that money cannot buy. No price tag is put on the time, effort, and love so generously contributed to the common good of those in need,” Church of Latter Day Saints President Thomas S. Monson.

“We are very honored to have been awarded this grant,” said Cheri Glockner, AHN Director of Care Management.  “We’ve already used it to help some of our more needy clients.”

Access Care Management services assist recently hospitalized patients, with little to no resources, get back on their feet.

“One of our clients sustained a serious brain injury and was hospitalized for more than two weeks. As the sole breadwinner for his family of

five, he had no way to supplement his income to feed his family.  We were able to use the storehouse grant to replenish their pantry and get plenty of fresh food to sustain them while their father continues to recover.  When we dropped off the groceries the mother was so choked up she could hardly speak.”

Thank you Church of Latter Day Saints!