Medical Discount Program

If you are not legally required to have health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act, our Medical Discount Program (MDP) is a great option. As an Access MDP member, you receive care at greatly discounted rates from our network of nearly 2,000 doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers throughout Nevada. In addition, membership includes assistance from an assigned Care Coordinator to help manage your care and services.

With the Medical Discount Program, members are required to pay the discounted rate at the time of service. Please note that the Medical Discount Program is not a health insurance plan and does not meet government requirements for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Who is the Medical Discount Program for:

  • Those not legally required to purchase health insurance, including residents who are not legal and those with legal exemptions.
  • Members must live or work in the state of Nevada.
  • Member must meet income guidelines below:
Family Size Monthly Income
1 $   973-$2,433
2 $1,311-$3,278
3 $1,649-$4,123
4 $1,988-$4,970
5 $2,326-$5,815
6 $2,664-$6,660
7 $3,003-$7,508
8 $3,341-$8,353

What does it provide:

  • Greatly discounted medical services through a statewide network of 2,000 providers including:
    • primary care doctors
    • specialists
    • mental health providers
    • hospitals and clinics
    • dentists
    • optometrists
    • radiology services
    • surgical services
    • prescriptions
  • A personal Care Coordinator to guide and support you.

How much does it cost:

Medical Discount Program Medical with dental/vision rates

Lower income individuals pay the lower amount.

Age of Member Monthly Rate
Each Adult – 19+ $35-$40 each
Each Child – up to 18 $10 each
Sample Services for Established Patients Fees for Service
Primary care Dr. visit $40-$45
Specialist office visit $65-$70
Hospital – 10 day stay $3,000 max / $400 day
Urgent Care $70/visit
Pharmacy – year of cholesterol medicine $84
Dental exam, x-rays and cleaning $65-$75