Our programs and services are designed to support 

With the complexities of healthcare delivery continuing to increase, staff time is a valuable resource that should focus on the critical strategies that are necessary for making the transition to value-based care. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. That’s where Access Care Management comes in. Unlike traditional case management, which tends to be disease-centric, episodic and administered via inpatient settings, our services are organized around the precept that preemptive, appropriate interventions for patients within a given population will reduce health risks and decrease the cost of care.  Working in tandem with our provider partners, our highly-skilled Care Managers give clinical staff the freedom to focus on bigger issues like the quality of care and strategies to reduce system costs. Access Care Management services provide the extra hand you and your staff need to focus on what you do best – service your clients and patients. We provide innovative, pro-active care management solutions.

Our Care Managers understand the external influences and restrictions to care, while our training ensures each Care Manager is equipped to go the extra mile for each patient. Our pulsed, timely patient interactions measure changes over time and our Care Managers are trained to encourage patients to gain control of their health.

Access Care Management Outcomes

  • Initial Engagement—We have an average initial engagement rate of 86% across all of our care management and care coordination services
  • Long Term Engagement—We have an average long term engagement rate of 72% across all of our care management and care coordination services
  • Complete the needs/risk assessments
  • Creation of the care plan
  • Chronic Disease Treatment Plans—Our diabetes care management program has achieved a 98% treatment plan compliance rate with regards to diabetes related primary care, specialty care and diagnostic testing.
  • OB Treatment Plans—Our OB care management program has achieved a 97% compliance rate with regards to the pre-natal care treatment plan, a 98% compliance rate with regards to the post-partum treatment plan, and a 100% compliance rate with regards to the pediatric treatment plan.
  • Post Discharge Primary Care—Our hospital re-admission reduction program has been able to achieve an 83% compliance with regards to a post discharge primary care appointment with 94% of those visits coming within 14 days of discharge
  • Post Discharge Home Health—80% of our clients who are referred to home health accept and receive their first visit within 3 days of discharge
  • Medication Reconciliation—82% of our clients obtain a medication reconciliation within 14 days of discharge, 47% receive a medication reconciliation within 7 days of discharge
  • ER utilization—The ER utilization rate for our diabetes care management program is 0.5 ER visits per 1000 clients per month, the ER utilization across all of our other programs averages 4.3 ER visits per 1000 clients per month
  • In-Patient Admissions—The in-patient admission rate of our chronic care management program is .09 admissions per 1000 clients per month
  • Hospital Re-Admissions—Our hospital re-admission reduction program has achieved an average re-admission rate reduction of 19.2%
  • NICU Rates—Our OB program has achieved a NICU admission rate reduction of 27%

Access Care Management services deliver innovative programs individualized and customized to

With experience in self-pay, Medicaid and underinsured populations, our outcomes are notable. We know where your frustrations are and work with you to deploy timely, measurable strategies to support you where you need it most.

Access Care Mangement offers:

  • Care Coordination – the heart of what we do. For patients needing support for those things that can inhibit a patient from following their clinically prescribed treatment plan.

  • 30-day Readmission Reduction – with relationship-building at the core, we focus efforts on barriers to care, medication adherence and identifying socioeconomic obstacles to support patients upon discharge.

  • Pregnancy Care Coordination – comprehensive support for pregnant women to gain access to medical, social, educational, and other services related to pregnancy. Services provided from first trimester through six-week post-partem.

Access Care Management services will increase:

  • Patient Visit Compliance – with a focus on the clinical treatment plan adherence, our care managers work closely with clients to ensure they know the importance of their appointments, are prepared to ask impactful questions and most importantly, that they attend their primary care or specialist appointments

Access Care Management services will support:

  • “No call, no show” reduction – there is nothing more frustrating in a provider practice than scheduling patients who chronically miss their appointments. Our services will help. With pulsed, timely interventions, our outcomes are extraordinary. The relationships we forge with our clients make the difference.