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Our job is to ensure that the Medical Discount Program (MDP) is working as well as it possibly can for both you and your patients. If at any time you need assistance with any part of our program please don’t hesitate to contact our provider relations team at 775.284.8989 ext. 528.

The Basic Guidelines of AHN

There are a few program guidelines designed to make sure this program runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible for all our of providers and our. More detail about how the Medical Discount Program operates can be found in the provider manuals listed below. 

Referring a Patient to the MDP

If you have a patient that you believe can benefit from becoming a member of the MDP you can either call us at 775.284.8989 ext. 528 so we can obtain their information and reach out or have them call us at 877.385.2345 .

Commonly Asked Questions

Can I Have My Employer Match My Gift?2018-06-14T18:12:47+00:00

Thousands of companies will double their employees’ charitable contributions. If you’re unsure of whether or not your company provides charitable matches, we encourage you to inquire with your Human Resources department. If your company does offer a matching opportunity, you may need to provide Access to Healthcare Networks tax ID number (EIN): 721619489.

Is My Online Donation Secure?2018-06-14T18:08:58+00:00

Yes. We use industry-standard SSL (secure socket layer) technology to protect your information and provide a secure environment for online donations.

Will I Get A Receipt?2018-06-14T18:06:44+00:00

Yes. You will receive a receipt immediately following your online donation, and we will also mail/email you a signed donation acknowledgement letter for your records.

Is My Donation Tax Deductible?2018-06-14T18:05:11+00:00

Yes. Access to Healthcare Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, so donations in any amount are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 721619489.

Referrals for Lab2018-01-03T22:05:51+00:00

To refer a member to obtain lab work simply provide them a lab slip and direct them to go to any MDP contracted laboratory. If the member needs assistance in locating an MDP contracted please have them call our care coordination department at 877.385.2345.

To see our list of MDP contracted laboratories please click the following link.

Processing a Referral for Specialty Care and Diagnostics2018-01-03T22:06:46+00:00

If you need to process a referral for services for an MDP member please simply fax the necessary information to our care coordination department at 775.284.8991. We will process the referral within 48 hours of receipt of this information including sending information back to you about where the referral was sent.

You can use the MDP referral form by clicking here or simply send the following information on your own form:

  • Patient name
  • Patient DOB
  • Referring provider
  • Specialty/service needed (please include the CPT code for diagnostics and procedures when possible)
  • Date of referral
  • Staff contact in case we have questions
  • Return fax number

If you have any questions or concerns about processing a referral please call our care coordination department at 877.385.2345.

To see our list of MDP contracted providers please click the following link.

MDP Provider Network2018-01-03T22:08:18+00:00

To see our list of MDP contracted providers please click here.

Out-Patient Surgery Pricing2018-01-03T22:09:49+00:00

To obtain pricing for an upcoming out-patient surgery please complete the form attached here and fax to our care coordination department at 775.284.8991. We will get back to you within 48 hours of receiving this form. If you need to obtain pricing for a surgery ASAP please call our care coordination department at 877.385.2345.

In-Office Procedure Pricing2018-01-03T22:10:27+00:00

To obtain the price of an in-office procedure for an AHN member please visit our online pricing tool by clicking here.

MDP Provider Fee Schedule2017-12-06T00:47:48+00:00

To learn more about the contracted fee schedule for your office please call us at 877.385.2345.

Check Member Eligibility2017-12-06T00:49:38+00:00

To check MDP member eligibility please call our dedicated provider line at 877.385.2345.

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