Become an Access Medical Discount Program Provider

Access Medical Discount Program, is a comprehensive network of healthcare providers who offer their services for reduced fees to the uninsured who are not legally required to purchase health insurance.  Members must meet income guidelines and must live or work in Nevada.  Anyone who meets these qualifications may sign up for our program for a very small monthly membership fee.

Access Medical Discount Program is not health insurance and we do not pay the providers.  We are a non-profit program for uninsured people. The providers are paid by our members at the time of service.  There is no billing with our program, because services must be paid at the time of service.

The goal of our program is to help the uninsured who meet our qualifications get the care they need in a way that allows, and in fact requires, them to be financially responsible. For example, we do not give ER discounts unless a member is actually admitted to the hospital.  If a member does not pay for their services, then he is removed from the program, and it is a lifetime ban. 
Our statewide network includes hospitals, clinics, physicians of all specialties, imaging services, labs, dental and vision providers, and pharmacies.  We offer services in every county in Nevada, and have contracts with most major hospitals throughout the state.
We currently have a base of more than 1900 providers in Nevada. We would welcome your participation in our network as well.

There are many reasons to join our group of providers:

  • Access Medical Discount Progam members are required to pay at the time medical services are provided. There is no billing involved, and no waiting for insurance reimbursement, prior authorizations, or utilization review.
  • This is a way to be involved in community service without having to give your expertise away for free.
  • Our members each have a care coordinator who manages their care and their payments, thereby removing that responsibility from your office staff.
  • Those care coordinators also take care of referrals, relieving your staff of that task as well.
  • Access Medical Discount Program offers a comprehensive network of doctors, hospitals, labs and specialists to meet your all of your referral needs.
  • Providers can control the number of Access Medical Discount Program patients they see each month.
  • Access Medical Discount Program helps cut down on inappropriate ER usage by not offering ER discounts unless the member is either admitted to the hospital, or has a note from an urgent care or other medical provider sending them specifically to the ER.
If you would like to become an Access Medical Discount Program provider, or if you have any questions or need additional information, Susan Kremin Member Services Director at 775-284-8989 ext. 810 or email at susan@accesstohealthcare.org