Through a partnership with Charles Schwab and Wells Fargo Access to Healthcare Network has created the first Individual Development Account (IDA) program for low income uninsured individuals. The IDA program allows members of the AHN Medical Discount Program to open a savings account that will be matched dollar for dollar, which they can use to pay for healthcare services with providers throughout the AHN provider network.

To be eligible for this program individuals must be uninsured and commit to engaging in a financial health literacy training created in partnership with Charles Schwab that includes information on:

  • How an individual’s experience with money influences how they manage their money,
  • How to calculate the savings needed to reach financial goals
  • Learning about the types and proper use of credit
  • Compound interest and its benefits
  • How to obtain and read a credit report
  • Understanding the different types of financial institutions

The goals of the IDA program are as follows:

  • Support our members in the process of improving their financial health literacy
  • Provide ongoing financial coaching and support to affect positive change in their financial behavior to achieve long term positive change
  • Increase financial assets of program participants in the form of increased savings
  • Help ensure participants gain access to necessary medical services as recommended by their providers

Since its inception in 2011, the IDA program has positively impacted the lives of low-income and working poor Northern Nevadans while providing a significant return on investment for program partners, and the individual participants themselves.


·         148 participants have enrolled in the IDA

·         $64,697 has been saved by participants; combined with match funds from community partners such as Wells Fargo and Charles Schwab, $183,255 has been available to pay for needed medical services.

·         As of October 2017, $149,099 in funds has been paid to AHN Medical Discount Program providers to ensure that participants receive the medical services they need to become and stay healthy.