The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion partners with Access to Healthcare Network to administer the Women’s Health Connection program. Women’s Health Connection is a breast and cervical early detection program dedicated to serving low-income, high-risk, uninsured and underinsured women living in Nevada. The program’s goal is to reduce the burden of breast and cervical cancer through education, early screening and diagnostics, care coordination/case management, and improved accessibility to treatment.

Who is Eligible for the Women’s Health Connection Program?

You may be eligible for the program if you meet the following criteria:

  • Residency: you must live in Nevada

  • Gender: services are available to biological women, transgender men (female to male), and transgender women (male to female) who have received hormone therapy

  • Age: women who are 21-64 years of age may qualify

  • Income: you must be at or below 250% of the federal poverty rate

  • Insurance status: you must be uninsured or underinsured to qualify

What services are covered?

Women’s Health Connection provides free breast and cervical cancer screenings for women who meet eligibility guidelines. Covered services can include a pelvic exam, Pap test, HPV test, clinical breast exam, mammogram, and diagnostic services such as ultrasound, colonoscopy, or biopsy, if needed.

Women Diagnosed with Breast or Cervical Cancer

As a result of the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act of 2000, eligible women screened and diagnosed with breast or cervical cancer, or found to have high-grade cervical pre-cancer diagnosed through the Women’s Health Connection program have access to treatment services through Medicaid.

Program Successes

Since its implementation in 1997, Women’s Health Connection has provided breast and cervical cancer screening to over 57,536 women and diagnosed more than 679 breast cancers, and 967 cervical cancer or premalignant cervical lesions, in Nevada.