• Please use the rate calculator below to determine costs for patients

Medical Discount Program rate calculator

Office Based Procedures/Surgeries

What’s included in the Office Visit Fee?

  • Minor office procedures – AHN asks that any minor procedure be included in the office visit fee.
  • Major office procedures – Major office procedures are charged along with the initial or established patient office visit fee.  In order for the member to pay you the correct amount at each visit you have a couple different options.

Pricing In-Office Procedure

You can price in-office procedures by using our Medical Discount Program Rate Calculator.

To price an in-office procedure, please follow the process below:
    1. CPT code in question
    2. Define if the visit was with a primary care physician or a specialist
    3. Define if the visit was in the office or in the hospital
    4. Press “look-up” and your price will be given
    5. If you do not get a price or you believe the price to be inaccurate please contact our care coordination department at 775-284-8989 ext. 511
    • Please do not use this fee schedule to price hospital or surgery center based procedures

    Fees Are Not Included in the Online Fee Schedule