• shared responsibility model

What is Shared Responsibility?

Being part of a Shared Responsibility Model means that everyone gives a little, and everyone benefits. The AHN Medical Discount Program follows a Shared Responsibility Model. Members pay a small, income-based membership fee for access to the discounted provider network and participating healthcare providers receive a timely, yet reduced, payment.

We believe Shared Responsibility is a win-win situation for our members and for the community as a whole. The idea behind the model is that health care and insurance costs can better be controlled when more patients are able to contribute to the cost of their care. Additionally, people will be more likely to receive preventative healthcare and will have fewer hospitalizations for preventable conditions when care is made more affordable and accessible for all.  The rates of illness, ER visits, and even death are also reduced because of access to affordable care. In short, a Shared Responsibility Model is good for patients, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and the entire community.

We strongly believe that helping ensure care for all of our citizens is the right thing to do, and we built our organization to support this concept.