Sherri Rice, President & Chief Executive Officer

Sherri Rice means what she says and says what she means. Based on her impressive 30-year track record working with non-profit organizations, Sherri means business. She credits the success she has created to her unwavering insistence upon implementing systems, for systems are what bring about the realization of the organization’s mission.

A true visionary, Sherri has a natural ability to develop a vision where there is none, and to never lose sight of it. Access To Healthcare is a prime example. Sherri built the agency from the ground up, working with Niki King to design and implement the successful programs, services and systems that are in place today.

Everyone that Sherri has brought onto her staff is hard-wired to be a part of something bigger. She has surrounded herself with creative critical thinkers who excel at multitasking—in other words, people just like herself. Judging by the growth of members and providers, and the expansion of the agency’s offerings, it is one in a long list of smart moves.

As President and CEO, Sherri not only oversees all organizational functions including the operations and fiscal departments, but she also supervises outreach, sales, the eight government programs that Access To Healthcare currently manages, and the 24-member board of directors. Additionally, she is responsible for fund development, and has generated over $1 million in grants and donations for the Patient Care Fund in just seven years.

Sherri takes great pride in bringing structure to a structureless community—the uninsured—to give them the access to affordable, quality care they deserve. There’s no mistaking her passion, as the mere mention of the word ‘members’ brings an instant smile to Sherri’s face.

Proof of the positive impact that Sherri has had on our community can be found in recognition she’s earned. She is a recipient of the Truckee Meadows Tomorrow Silver Star Award, 1997, Soroptimist International Women of Achievement Award, 2000, the Mike O’Callaghan Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award, 2002 and Girls Scout Leadership Award, 2011. Under her steward, AHN received the Agency of The Year from the Truckee Meadows Human Services Association in 2009.

Sherri has lived in Reno for 37 years and regards her family as her greatest reward. Her family includes Travis, Marsha, Trevor, Nicole, Stacey, Jason, K.C., Andrea and of course, her grandson Kian.