It has always been about access.

Access to Healthcare Network had some pretty humble beginnings. An idea. A cocktail napkin. A partnership. And a passion to help.

In 2006, Access to Healthcare was born of a realization that too many Nevadans were uninsured and that something could be done about it. Sherri Rice sketched out the first Shared Responsibility Model–demonstrating how the entire community could join forces to reduce the number of uninsured Nevadans without overburdening any one group–on a cocktail napkin. The principals that it laid out remain at the heart of Access to Healthcare today.

Sherri Rice joined forces with her colleague Niki King, who had worked with her at the YWCA, and together they began building an organization to serve the healthcare needs of Nevada’s forgotten poor. In a tiny office in a corner of Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, they created a company that today has touched the lives of over 258,000 Nevadans, providing access to affordable healthcare.

The growth of the company has been phenomenal because the need for it is so great. Access to Healthcare saw 200% growth in its first two years and we have had a steady 30%+ growth during each of the years since. While Sherri still leads the organization, they are joined by Mike O’Carroll in finance and, as always, supported by a very committed Board of Directors.

Access to Healthcare Milestones

Nov. 2005:
Access to Healthcare Network (AHN) was founded by Sherri Rice, Niki King and a dedicated Board of Directors on the foundation of Sherri’s Shared Responsibility Model.
May 2007: Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center & Washoe Health System (now called Renown Health) are the first two hospitals to join the network, displaying their commitment to the uninsured.
July 2007: The Medical Discount Program (MDP) starts serving the uninsured in Washoe County with 104 contracted providers. In its first year, the MDP has 566 members.
July 2007: Access to Healthcare named northern Nevada administrator for the Ryan White Part B Program, assisting HIV/AIDS diagnosed clients with their medications and specialty care.
Sept. 2007: AHN becomes administrator for the State Health Information Program (SHIP) assisting seniors with Medicare enrollment and benefit questions.
Nov. 2007: The Patient Care Fund is established to provide financial assistance to AHN members unable to completely pay for their healthcare needs. Organization grows to 8 employees.
July 2008: Sherri is summoned to present the Shared Responsibility Model and AHN's medical discount program to Michelle Obama. Medical Discount Program has 4,036 members. Staff grows to 27.
May 2009:
AHN's MDP expands to serve the uninsured in rural parts of the state. Banner Churchill Community Hospital, Carson-Tahoe Regional Medical Center, and Humboldt General Hospital
join the network as providers.
Jan. 2010: A toll free Helpline – 877.385.2345 – is set up with two employees to provide holistic eligibility screening.
Mar. 2010: Affordable Care Act legislation adopts language directly from the Access to Healthcare shared responsibility model to develop a national program for use in other states.
July 2010: AHN receives grant to serve Clark County, making us one of Nevada’s few statewide non-profits. Medical Discount Program has 6,859 members. AHN staff grows to 40.
July 2011: AHN begins administering the state’s Women’s Health Connection program (WHC), providing free cancer screenings.
Feb. 2012: AHN becomes adminstrator for the Senior Medicare Patrol, a program educating seniors about how to detect medicare fraud.
Nov. 2012: AHN partners with Saint Mary’s Health Plans in a first-of-its-kind collaboration to continue serving low and moderate income Nevadans in the changing healthcare landscape.
July 2013: AHN awarded adminstrator of rural Aging and Disability Resource Center providing access to resources that faciliate independent living, including in-home meal delivery, home and vehicle adaption, adult day care and health programs.   
July 2013: Access Health Insurance Program is launched to provide Nevadans with government-compliant health insurance. The collaboration combines AHN customer care and insurance from Saint Mary’s Health Plans.
Sept. 2013:
AHN is invited to Washington DC to join a Kaiser Family Foundation panel to discuss healthcare reform and program implementation.
Sept. 2013:                       










On the eve of open enrollment for government-mandated health insurance, AHN has an impressive seven-year track record:                                  

• 258,147 Nevadans have been served through AHN services

• 120,900 individuals reached through outreach activities

• 81,492 phone calls fielded through Helpline

• 18,952 served through MDP

• 8,611 current MDP membership

• 15,694 cancer screenings through WHC

• 9,500 HIV/AIDS clients served

• 1,949 provider partners for MDP

• 16,000 seniors served through SHIP

• 74 employees in six locations statewide

October 2013: Access to Healthcare Network is rebranded Access to Healthcare to better reflect its growing family of services and continues to innovate and lead in the field of healthcare.